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Summer Dream & Spirituality Online Conference  
May 24- May 28, 2020 

Emails containing important Conference information have been sent out to all those registered to attend.  If you have not received the emails - one sent on 5/20 and one sent 5/23 - please check your spam folder first, then email us ( if you do not find them.  These emails contain information you need in order to join the Conference online and we would like you to have it before the Conference starts on Sunday at 3:00 PM EDT. Thank you!


May 24-28, 2020

"Intuitive Knowledge: Wisdom from Within"

Featured 2020 two Keynotes & two Workshops by

best-selling author

Judith Orloff, MD


Surviving in the World as an Empath


Dreams and Sexuality


Intuitive Dreaming 

The Spiritual Empath 

Dr. Orloff says that intuition is “a potent form of inner wisdom not mediated by the rational mind. Accessible to us all, it’s a still, small voice inside – an
unflinching truth-teller committed to our well-being.” During our six-day Conference we will explore methods for accessing this “truth-teller” and integrating the wisdom messages from within for greater health and wholeness. Keynote presentations and workshops offer insights into living more joyfully, more mindfully and more vibrantly. At the Haden Institute we believe that dream work, contemplative practices, spiritual studies, creative expression and embodiment practices are some very effective tools for honoring our inner wisdom and harnessing the impact it can have on our lives. We invite you to join us at Kanuga, in the beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains, to experience all the activities planned for the Conference.

Judith Orloff, MD

is instrumental in bringing intuition and spirituality into the realm of traditional health care.

Judith Orloff, MD
Empaths Survival Guide-Judith Orloff.jpg

Through both keynote lectures and interactive workshops Dr. Orloff will share her knowledge of using intuition and empathy as tools for creating a more open hearted and empowered life. She values dreams as a direct link to the Divine and as the natural territory of intuition. Her presentations will provide insights on harnessing the knowledge that dreams offer. Her recent books focus on what it means to live as an empath in what can often be an insensitive world. We look forward to exploring all of these topics with Dr. Orloff at our 2020 Dream & Spirituality Conference.

All 2020 Keynote Presentations
"Surviving in the World as an Empath" 
Empaths and highly sensitive people can feel everything. They are emotional sponges who tend to absorb the stress of others and the world. As a result, they often become overwhelmed by excessive stimulation and are prone to exhaustion and sensory overload. In this talk, Dr. Orloff, will discuss protection techniques for empaths and highly sensitive people from her books “The Empath’s Survival Guide” & “Thriving as an Empath.” These techniques will help to prevent compassion fatigue, overwhelm and exhaustion. 


The key to self-care is to quickly recognize the first signs of experiencing sensory overload or when you start absorbing negativity or stress from others. The sooner you can act to reduce stress and center yourself, the more balanced, protected, and joyful you will be.  

"Dreams and Sexuality" 
Dreams are passionate, and the object of their passion is you. If you sat the "Maker of all Dreams" down and asked, "What motivates you? What are you trying to tell us?" I suspect this genius-of-a-being would respond: "I want your spirit to soar. I want you to be happy. I want you to heal." To do this, of course, requires an unflappable commitment to our evolution--not indulging our trepidations, but appraising them so we can realize our priorities. The DreamMaker shoots straight from the hip, an unwavering truth-teller, hoping we will hear. Dr. Orloff will share how sexual dreams can help one address deeper issues in their healing journey. They can make us aware of our fears related to intimacy and connect us to our intuition. What is holding you back from the relationship you desire?


Dr. Orloff will also talk about Feng Shui, the sacred Chinese art of energy alignment and how she applies it to people and working with her patients. Multi-faceted, it sheds light on everything from interior decorating to cosmetic surgery to the structuring of sexual life. When an endeavor has an auspicious feng shui--an optimal conjunction of the spiritual, emotional, and physical--it will succeed. Otherwise, not. Dreams are feng shui masters, will point you toward constructing an exuberant sexual self. Attend to their communications. Feel their vibes. Healing will ensue.


by Judith Orloff



"Intuition and Projection in Love Relationships" 
Falling in love has much to do with how we unconsciously project our underlying completion stories onto our lovers.  As story making creatures we believe the stories we weave in the early stages of love.  This talk will explore how we tend to believe that we are intuiting when we are actually projecting aspects of our inner longing.  How might we discern the difference and encounter the other more consciously?  


by Chelsea Wakefield

Jungian oriented psychotherapist and international teacher on conscious relationships and sexuality.  She is the creator of the Luminous Woman® Weekend, and author of Negotiating the Inner Peace Treaty; In Search of Aphrodite; and the upcoming Labyrinth of Love:  Individuation
in Connection


"Toni Wolff, C. G. Jung, and Typology" 
Toni Wolff was one of Carl Jung’s clients who became a significant voice in the development of Jung’s understanding of the feminine psyche. She created the quadrant as a tool of understanding a woman’s archetypal choices and subsequent psychic journey.


by Diana McKendree​  

Diana has a passion for working with the dream and images. She is a skilled dream work facilitator, educator, keynote speaker, consultant, Interfaith Minister,  and iconographer. She is a faculty member with the Haden Institute, teaching Spiritual Direction and Dream Work, serving as both a mentor and as mentor to the Haden Institute mentors.



"The Wisdom in Your Dreams at
Times of Crisis"
Bob’s presentation will illustrate that we have an inner “wisdom” which comes through in our dreams to help in times of need, stress and trauma – such as the Pandemic we are now going through.  Sometimes it puts things into a healthier perspective, at times it encourages us to go on, it guides us through dream journeys that help us learn and make new decisions and master our fears. It often appears as a source of Divine wisdom. The presentation provides a brief review of the science and psychology supporting this inner wisdom as well as a wealth of examples, including a few Covid related dreams, that demonstrate how the wisdom is there helping us through stress and crisis whether we bring it forth through prayer or simply pay attention to our dreams.


by Bob Hoss​  

Bob's approach to Dream Work is based on a unique blending of Gestalt work, Jungian theory, the neurobiology of dreaming, and his research into the significance of color in dreams. He is the past President of the International Assoc. for the Study of Dreams (IASD), Director of the DreamScience Foundation, and author of Dream Language.



"Dreams, Myths, & Imagination as Divine Participation:  Wisdom from the Ancient Celts" 
The ancient Celts had wonderfully rich imaginations. We can see the product of the Celtic imagination in their stories, myths, artwork, and spiritual disciplines. And like so many indigenous and earth-based spiritualities around the world, the Celts valued dreams as part of the process of the imaginative unfolding of Divine revelation and guidance. As artisans of creativity they enjoyed the power of symbol and the magic of story as powerful expression of the human soul and our relationship with Divine beauty and mystery. In this lecture we will explore the use of dreams and myths in the Celtic tradition as an invitation to understanding the Self and our relationship to the Great Spirit.

by Kirk Webb​  

Kirk is a spiritual director, professor, and psychologist. He has worked as a spiritual director and psychotherapist for over 23 years and taught extensively in graduate programs for psychology, counseling, spirituality, and theology. He holds a Master of Divinity degree from Princeton Theological Seminary, a Masters degree in Counseling, and a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Seattle Pacific University; and has studied at the Jungian Institute in Zurich. He takes regular pilgrimages to Ireland.


"Dreams and the Spiritual Alphabet
Soup of Death and Dying" 

Near-death experiences (NDEs), shared-death experiences (SDEs), after-death communications (ADCs), and nearing-death awareness (NDA) make up the spectrum of spiritually transformative experiences (STEs) associated with death and dying. Research shows that NDEs result in psychospiritual transformation and that dreams and visions at the end of life are associated with more peaceful transitions to the Other Side. Awareness about these kinds of STEs can be valuable for clinicians, clergy and family who deal with dying patients. 

by Larry Burk  

Author of Dreams that Can Save Your Life, and a holistic radiologist from Duke University Medical Center who specializes in MRI, hypnosis, EFT and dream work.


"Individuation: Knowing Where You
Start and Stop"

“Know Thyself” is wisdom that has been proved throughout the ages. Central to individuation is an ego consciousness that can discern “what’s me” and “what’s not me”. As we know ourselves more fully, we can discern the voice of the larger Self from the multiplicity of voices that present in our emotions, feelings, sensations, and thoughts. The larger Self is the totality of psyche/soul that guides us towards wholeness. Psyche operates and ego consciousness expands through processes that can have the shadow effect of clouding our sense of who we are, what we feel, and how we think. In this keynote, we will consider these processes and what they teach. We’ll hold the importance of psychic skin that contains our soul just like our physical skin contains our body.

by Kathleen Wiley ​   

Licensed Professional Counselor, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, and diplomate Jungian Analyst in private practice. Her work with clients recognizes the importance of the present moment, the moment of meeting between analyst and analysand, as primary. She is author of New Life: Symbolic Meditations on the Birth of the Divine and New Life:  Symbolic Meditations on the Promise of Easter and Spring.


"Poetry as Sacred Practice"
Poetry written or read can being intimidating. Yet such Practice can reveal significant inner wisdom . This lecture will emphasize that life is poetic and each of us is a poet.
by Pittman McGehee​   

An Episcopal priest and diplomate Jungian Analyst whose passion is
writing poetry. He recently published two poetry books - Nod of Knowing 
and Extraordinary in the Ordinary; adding to his earlier publications of 
The Invisible Church, The Paradox of Love and Raising Lazarus.


"Wisdom from Within: Christ Consciousness" 

Much of the world has been startled from complacency and business as usual by the COVID19 pandemic. I have found for myself a sense of wondering where I used to go, why I wanted to go, and what I did with time. If one thinks for very long about questions like that, they can turn into a kind of existential restlessness. If that has happened for you, the gate to inner Wisdom has been opened. We live in a largely extroverted, busy world that values external realities that tell us who we are and why we matter, if we matter. The Divine Wisdom that dwells within everyone of us has not been valued for a very long time. And yet every existential question we ask about meaning comes from deep Wisdom. Jesus spoke from that place. So many who have taken the Haden journey, and other intentional pathways to the inner life, discover that life is not something to be deferred to a new life someday. The Wisdom we carry pulls us towards life while we have it now.


by Larry Maze​  

Served as the Bishop of Arkansas for 13 years before retiring in 2007. He frequently taught in his diocese around issues of Jungian psychology as it interfaces with Christian spirituality. Since retiring he has led teaching conferences in many areas of the southeast.

Dr. Kirk Webb_edited.jpg


  • Intuitive Dreaming  

  • The Spiritual Empath

  • Understanding and Awakening our Energy Bodies as a Tool of Evolution and Being

  • Movement Collage:  Embodying Dream Metaphor, Intuition in Motion

  • Creative and Sacred Movement

  • Race and The Hero's Journey

  • Dream Divina: Contemplating Dream Images as Sacred Icons

  • A Near-Death Experience Model for Transforming Symptoms

  • Use Your Dreams to Change Your Life! 

  • Untangling Complex Projections in Love Relationships

  • Working with Imagery, Color and Wisdom

  • The Essential Role of Imagination and Wonder in Spiritual Growth:  The Celtic Way

  • Day Dream as Spiritual Practice

  • Creating Mandalas for Insight and Self-Expression

  • Cultivating the Presence and Protection of the Self

  • Snake Dreams' Wisdom

  • The Feminine Quadrant

  • Where Do Dreams Come From? A Beginner’s Guide to Jung’s Model of the Psyche

  • How to Create a 3-D Mandala

  • Tricks of the Trade - Dream Groups

  • Dream Animal Wisdom

  • Ignatian Discernment

  • Explore the Creative Space

  • Exploring Shyamalan's Eastrail Trilogy as a Fairy Tale

  • Jung's Challenge to Orthodox Christianity: as found in his Letters to Victor White

  • Lucid Dreaming


Staff led dream groups each day.


Inspirations from Sheila Petruccelli with supplies you have at home like paint, clay, fiber, collage images and other media, along with chocolate, candles, and twinkle lights. These times can be used by participants as a way to process learnings, engage with dream images, or embody some aspect of inner work that is rising.


Conference Chaplain Larry Maze
will lead morning worship services. 


Fran McKendree

“All of the teachings at the Conference provided a concentration of new ideas and ways of thinking I can use to enrich my daily life. I especially like the wide variety of workshop offerings, allowing me to deep dive into the subjects that interest me.  The magic that brings me back each year is what happens in the dream group. Sharing life changing dream stories and a deeper understanding of dream images connects the group from the very first meeting.”  
— Particpant

Allen Proctor, Director Haden Institute

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