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Spiritual Direction Training  
two-year course
“I am happy I found this opportunity for learning both spirituality and depth psychology as foundations for the practice of spiritual direction. This unique focus, providing a deeper understanding of spirituality, and of myself, transformed my life, and prepared me to accompany others on their spiritual journey”  — Houston graduate

At the Haden Institute we integrate spirituality and Jungian teachings in our Spiritual Direction Training Course. We offer participants information and skill development through brilliant lectures, readings, reflections, small group work, and case studies.

Allen Proctor, Director Haden Institute

While our roots are in the western Christian traditions, we also learn from religious mystics, spiritual practices and beliefs from a variety of faith traditions. Depth psychology is a spiritual as well as a psychological paradigm, so at Haden we also learn about spirituality directly from the experience of the human psyche. Most importantly, Haden graduates are trained to journey with spiritual seekers from all religious traditions.
Imagine . . . immersing yourself in poetry, fairy tales, contemplative practices, Celtic, Desert, Natural, and Creation spiritualities.  Imagine how useful it would be to learn the practicalities of the Enneagram and Jungian typology.  Imagine delving into the intricacies of transference and counter-transference, shadow and complex identification, rootedness and freedom in religion and spirituality.  Imagine learning about and applying the wisdom of the mystics, Jungian dream work and psychology, and having the tools to provide spiritual direction with the chronically ill and the dying. Imagine using creative expression to integrate the learnings, and practicing embodiment exercises to complete the mind, body, spirit connection. This is what the Spiritual Direction Training Courses offer.

Leanne Thomas Video,  Final Project for Graduation 

Each intensive includes lectures and discussion with faculty and mentors, as well as staff-led case study reflections, prayer, silence and meditation, socials, and creative embodiment practices.

Mentor-guided small group meetings,  reading and writing assignments between intensives enhance learning and practice. Small group interaction during the intensives create a close-knit support community throughout the program. Faculty members rotate through the intensives, allowing participants to experience the entire faculty during the course.



•. Small Group Cohort with Mentor, Six 4-Day Weekend Intensives over two years, Distance Learn 

•  Entry dates:  Fall and Spring annually, at Kanuga Conference Center


•. Small Group Cohort meets every other week, 22 weeks a year for two years, Faculty Discussions of Video Content, Mentors. 

•. Entry dates:  Fall annually

Psycho-spiritual education in the Jungian, mystical, and Christian traditions is the program foundation. Participants develop knowledge and understanding of the art and practice of spiritual direction in contemporary spiritual life by learning:
  • Mystical and contemplative practices of Christianity and other ancient religious and spiritual traditions

  • Seminal ideas from Carl Jung’s teachings, and their application to the personal and spiritual growth process

  • Dream work, including the function of dreams, and how to use dream work with both individuals and groups

  • Tools for self-discovery and transformation such as Myers–Briggs Type Indicator and the Enneagram

  • Spiritual literacy and interfaith awareness

  • Contemplative and creative embodiment practices as tools for personal discernment


“Maybe that is the difference between pastoral counselors and spiritual directors. We go to counselors when we want help getting out of the caves. We go to directors when we are ready to be led farther in.”   —  Barbara Brown Taylor  “Learning to Walk in the Dark”



Those who successfully complete the course work will be awarded a certificate of completion. 

For scholarship information see:

Our teachings often prove to be therapeutic for our participants, however we are not offering therapy, nor do we certify our graduates as therapists after their training.  As a participant we encourage you to seek out a licensed therapist if you need additional support for issues that rise and need therapeutic intervention.

NYTimes  - Can Spiritual Directors Help?  PDF file

(Pictured in this NYT article is a 2012 SD graduate, Susan Pannier-Cass!)

S&H Magazine - A Guide to Spiritual Companionship  PDF file

(Haden Institute was consulted with this article that features SDI)


Two-year Course
Entry times fill quickly!



Each course intensive includes a creative expression teaching. Whether it is creating mandalas, writing poetry, or moving to music we offer many avenues for processing and integrating images and ideas that rise during the gatherings. There are designated times Sheila Petruccelli holds a Creative Space during the intensives. The in-person space is well stocked with paint, clay, fiber, collage images and a variety of other media, along with candles, twinkle lights, chocolate and creations to use as inspiration. Sheila offers guidance and inspiration for creating your won space at home for the online intensives. The creative process is a wandering that may lead to a product that is symbolic and archetypal or enigmatic and evocative, reflecting an important aspect of the deep inner work of spiritual growth.

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