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Dream Work Training  
two-year course
“ The Dream Work Training program led me to healing, health, and wholeness in a thorough and gentle, yet exciting way. I found rich rewards for the intentional work that I did, and find the dream world to be a thin place for encountering the Divine in all aspects of my life. The dream group experience is both intimately connecting with others, and an important piece of my own personal inner work.”  — Dream Work Training graduate, Asheville, NC


Dreams have a long history of being regarded as divine messages in almost every religious tradition. At the Haden Institute we use the foundational psychological concepts of Carl Jung to teach that dreams can hold the key to greater health and wholeness.

The Dream Work Training teaches that working with our dreams opens a communication channel between the conscious and unconscious worlds, allowing us to translate the metaphor and symbol in dream language into a language that is helpful for problem solving in our waking life.


Sharing the stories our nightly dreams tell is an age old practice, one that has provided inspiration, entertainment and revelations throughout history. Dream work offers a method for healing old wounds, living more fully and joyfully each day, increasing self-awareness, improving understanding of our life purpose, and integrating new understandings. Each of these leads, in turn, to greater empathy and compassion. 

Carl Jung developed language and methods for better understanding dream meanings – concepts like projection, archetypes, collective unconscious, anima, animus, and shadow. Because it is often difficult for the dreamer to analyze and understand messages from their own dreams, projective dream work is helpful for grasping dream meanings.


This two-year course is for individuals, therapists, and clergy who wish to gain competence and skills in the world of understanding dreams. In addition to individual dream work, creative embodiment, studying the history of dreams, dream symbolism, Jungian psychology, dream group participation and facilitation, the Dream Work Training Course will allow participants to:

  • Develop knowledge of Carl Jung’s analytical psychology, including concepts such as archetype, complex, individuation, and personality typology.

  • Gain an appreciation of the dynamic nature of dreams and how they reflect the totality of self.

  • Deepen inner awareness with regular personal dream work practices and through work with a dream counselor.

  • Develop understanding of the symbology of dreams through amplification, poetry, fairy tale, dream theater, active imagination, role play and myth.

  • Learn to work with individuals to translate their dream messages into conscious meaning. 

  • Learn the basics of the science and psychology of dreaming and dream work.

  • Gain experience and skill in group projective dream work through facilitated and self-led practica.

  • Expose participants  to Zen meditation, active imagination, journaling, poetry, guided imagery, creative expression, embodiment and energy awareness.

  • Explore the nature of dreamwork within and across cultures and religious traditions.

Three four-day intensives are held each year either online or at the Kanuga Conference Center in Hendersonville, NC. (All intensive are being held online while Kanuga is closed due to the pandemic.) Each intensive includes lectures and discussion with faculty and mentors, as well as staff-led dream practicum groups and one-on-one case studies, demonstrations, dream theater, socials, embodiment practices, creative art space, relaxation and fun. Mentor-guided small group meetings, reading and writing assignments between intensives enhance skills and understanding.  Faculty members, who are recognized as the best in the nation in dream work, rotate through the curriculum, allowing participants to experience the entire faculty.


Those who successfully complete the course work will be awarded a certificate of completion.

Our teachings often prove to be therapeutic for our participants, however we are not offering therapy, nor do we certify our graduates as therapists after their training.  As a participant we encourage you to seek out a licensed therapist if you need additional support for issues that rise and need therapeutic intervention.

Two-year Course
Entry times fill quickly!



Each course intensive includes a
creative expression teaching. It is not understanding the dream that brings about transformation, but the intensity with which we engage the dream images. Creative expression teachings at each intensive provide many vehicles for engaging dream images. During the two-year course you will learn about creating mandalas, writing poetry, and moving to music. Sheila Petruccelli curates a creative space for each intensive, providing art supplies like paint, clay, fiber, collage images and other media, ( or offering ways to discover your own supplies at home) along with chocolate, candles, twinkle lights and lots of inspiration. By processing and integrating dream images dreamers are given keys to unlock the transformation offered by their dreams.


By Leanne Thomas, Graduate

Allen Proctor, Director Haden Institute

Allen Proctor, Director Haden Institute

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