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Spiritual Direction Training  
Spiritual Direction Training- USA  
"Being with another person as they do the difficult and sacred work of discovering their path to greater health and wholeness is a great privilege, and my greatest learning in the Spiritual Direction Training Program." —SD Participant

What are the common topics covered?

Topics include the practice and ethics of spiritual direction with individuals and in groups; concepts of spirituality relevant in current culture; spiritual teachings of the mystics throughout the ages; interfaith spiritual literacy; fundamentals of Jungian psychology and dream work; use of MBTI and Enneagram personality profiles in spiritual direction; contemplative practices; and care and consideration of the whole person – mind, body and soul. 

Who is this training for?

The training is for all who feel a call to the spiritual direction ministry, including clergy and lay people from all denominations, therapists and other professionals who wish to integrate the spiritual dimension with their chosen vocation, others who wish to start or deepen a practice of helping others to find healing and wholeness in a spiritual context.

Why use the term “Spiritual Direction”?

Spiritual direction is a known and honored tradition in Christian history, and is the practice we teach at the Haden Institute. The word “spiritual” tells us that the basic concern is not with the external or secular, but rather inner and sacred life; and, “direction” implies that the time spent together will not be aimless, but one which seeks the direction of the Divine. “Soul Friend” or “Spiritual Friend” or “Spiritual Guide” can also be used in describing a spiritual direction practice.

I don't know where I am spiritually now. Is that okay?

Yes. We have participants from a variety of religious traditions, including some with no tradition as part of their spiritual story. All are accepted wherever they are on their spiritual journey. The Haden Institute is a safe place to ask questions, and broaden spiritual understandings and practices. As a spiritual director, participants will encounter people on a wide variety of spiritual paths, therefore the training is designed to deeply integrate acceptance and inclusivity. We are especially interested in helping individuals recover lost traditions, which are predominantly found in Eastern religions; traditions such as the contemplative practices of centering prayer and meditation, discerning messages from dream work, labyrinth walking, etc.

Apply & Deposit two-year Course
Entry times fill quickly!

What happens at an intensive?

The major portion of each intensive is spent in large group teaching and small group reflection on spiritual direction case studies. Throughout the program groups share stories, practice group spiritual direction, prayer and meditation, lectio divina, and dream work with faculty support. There are also socials, dramatic presentations, technique demonstrations, and times for silence and relaxation in the beautiful surroundings of Kanuga Retreat Center in North Carolina or Mt. Carmel Monastery in Niagara Falls.

What about distance learning?

All the requirements outside of the intensive weekends are completed from your own home setting. These include writing a spiritual autobiography; maintaining a relationship with your own spiritual director; practicing group and individual spiritual direction; completing spiritual direction case studies for group reflection; writing reports on the assigned readings and other topics; and exploring a variety of spiritual direction practices.

Does the Haden Institute Spiritual Direction Training offer certification?

Yes. Those who successfully complete the training are awarded a diploma certifying that they have completed the two-year training in Spiritual Direction at the Haden Institute. Those who already have a professional degree or state certification can use this practice in their vocation. Others can offer spiritual direction in a private practice setting as spiritual consulting or guidance.

Who can receive a Certificate?

Participants who attend all the intensives, complete all the assigned work, and have had a final interview with their mentor will be awarded a certificate and a plaque from the Haden Institute. Participants who attend all intensives without completing all the distance learning work receive the Haden Institute plaque.

Where are the Intensives held?

North Carolina intensives are held at Kanuga Conference Center in Hendersonville, NC. Kanuga is one of the nation’s best conference center settings. It is located on a 1400-acre campus in the Blue Ridge mountains of North Carolina with a lake, hiking trails, and accommodations with many fireplaces and rocking chairs. 

Allen Proctor, Director Haden Institute

Allen Proctor, Director Haden Institute

Allen Proctor, Director Haden Institute

Allen Proctor, Director Haden Institute

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