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Books by Haden Institute Graduates, Faculty & Presenters
See below for some of our favorite resources on dreams and spirituality! Click on the title to visit each website.
Recommended Books 
See below for some of our favorite books. Click on the title to visit each website.
  • Goddesses in Everywoman Jean Shinoda Bolen’s celebrated work of female psychology that uses seven archetypical goddesses to describing behavior patterns and personality traits, as relevant and timeless today as when it was first published thirty years ago.

  • Gods in Everyman Jean Shinoda Bolen’s companion volume to Goddesses in Everywoman reveals the powerful inner patterns, or archetypes, that shape men’s personalities, careers, and personal relationships—offering a insights into Greek mythology, Jungian archetypal psychology, and into themselves and the people in their lives.

  • A Generous Orthodoxy A Generous Orthodoxycalls for a radical, Christ-centered orthodoxy of faith and practice in a missional, generous spirit. Brian McLaren argues for a post-liberal, post-conservative, post-protestant convergence, which will stimulate lively interest and global conversation among thoughtful Christians from all traditions.

  • Religion and the Unconscious In Religion and the Unconscious, Ann and Barry Ulanov provide a thoughtful study of the relationship between religion and depth psychology. An insightful contribution to the entire area of pastoral counseling, this book demonstrates how to combine religion and depth psychology in order to provide more effective counseling.

  • Primary Speech: A Psychology of Prayer Prayer is our basic expression of religious belief. It is our personal and most private act of devotion. Words cannot do justice to the feelings, wishes, terrors, pains, or pleasures that we exchange with God. Ann and Barry Ulanov's book sets out to define prayer as both a means of drawing nearer to God everyday and as a coping tool that people can use in order to achieve harmony, balance, and satisfaction in their in their lives.

  • Dreams: God's Forgotten Language First published twenty years ago, this revised edition of John Sanford's classic exploration of the psychological and spiritual significance of dreams draws on the work of C.G. Jung to show how dreams can help us find healing and wholeness and reconnect us to a living spiritual world. 

  • Inner Work: Using Dreams and Active Imagination for Personal Growth A noted author and Jungian analyst Robert Johnson teaches how to use dreams and inner exercises to achieve personal wholeness and a more satisfying life.

  • Memories, Dreams, Reflections An eye-opening biography of one of the most influential psychiatrists of the modern age Carl Jung, drawing from his lectures, conversations, and own writings.

  • The Portable Jung This comprehensive collection of writings by the epoch-shaping Swiss psychoanalyst was edited by Joseph Campbell, himself the most famous of Jung's American followers. It comprises Jung's pioneering studies of the structure of the psyche—including the works that introduced such notions as the collective unconscious, the Shadow, Anima and Animus—as well as inquries into the psychology of spirituality and creativity, and Jung's influential "On Synchronicity," a paper whose implications extend from the I Ching to quantum physics. 

  • Open Mind, Open Heart This is the 20th anniversary edition of Continuum's best-selling spiritual classic by Thomas Keating, which has sold over half a million in the English language and has appeared in 10 foreign-language editions (Croatian, French, German, Hungarian, Indonesia, Italian, Korean, Polish, and Portuguese). The new edition consists of a substantial new preface, an expanded glossary, some changes in terminology, and a reordering of several chapters.

Books & DVDs by Haden Institute Graduates & Faculty
See below for some of our favorite books. Click on the title to visit each website.
  • Minding The Self By Murray Stein. Many people have an aptitude for religious experience and spirituality but don't know how to develop this or take it further. Modern societies offer little assistance, and traditional religions are overly preoccupied with their own organizational survival. Minding the Self: Jungian meditations on contemporary spirituality offers suggestions for individual spiritual development in our modern and post-modern times. Here, Murray Stein argues that C.G. Jung and depth psychology provide guidance and the foundation for a new kind of modern spirituality.

  • Dreams and Spirituality A Handbook for Ministry, Spiritual Direction and Counselling a pastoral handbook that offers a comprehensive overview of the nature of dreams as understood from a range of diverse professional perspectives. By Barbara Koning.

  • Soul Making A leading spiritual writer recovers "The Desert Way of Believing" -- the spiritual pathway discovered by early Christian monks who lived in the Egyptian desert that is still relevant to Christians today. Alan Jones distills the elements that made this fully orthodox way of inner transformation a unique and important part of the early church. Refreshingly readable and filled with rich insights, Soul Making draws together the spirituality of modern literature and elements of psychology.

  • Reimagining Christianity From his pulpit at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco, Alan Jones has influenced for good an entire continent of struggling Christians. In this provoking and helpful new book, he extends his voice to those both within and beyond the Church. A thinking Christian in a thoughtless world is what he is and what he aims to make us. This is a very good start.

  • Passions For Pilgrimage By Alan Jones. The Christian spiritual journey is a pilgrimage to wholeness, a search for home that is in God. In this classic work on contemporary spiritual living, Alan Jones explores the various parts of the pilgrimage home. Using literature, art, and biblical texts as illustrations, he explores our search for light and love, repentance, and forgiveness in the context of the Passion and Easter stories. An excellent book for group study during Lent and Easter, this new edition includes study questions at the end of each chapter.

  • Raising Lazarus: The Science of Healing the Soul Pittman McGehee chronicles the relationship of a mind-body scientist and a Jungian psychoanalyst priest as they bring together the wisdom and knowledge from each of their fields to save the life of the scientist from severe depression.

  • Paradox of Love Addresses both the healing and wounding nature of the greatest of contradictions. The human longing for love is fraught with what Jung called the incalculable paradoxes of love. In this book of essays, Pittman McGehee studies the interpersonal and the intrapsychic dynamics of love, as well as its light and dark sides.

  • Extraordinary in the Ordinary Pittman McGehee offers us brilliant gems of poetry full of light and sound, filled with carefully carved images drawn from the seemingly ordinary world. These words startle with their beauty and insights that show us how to transform the familiar, the mundane into the truly extraordinary.

  • The Unquiet Monk: Thomas Merton's Questing Faith Michael Higgins offers a fresh interpretation of Merton's complex and multivalent genius. Drawing in part on interviews with those who knew him, Higgins explores the story of Merton's life, his work as a poet and writer, his prophetic response to war and social disorder, his contemplative response to the human condition, and his forays into interreligious dialogue.

  • Genius Born of Anguish: The Life and Legacy of Henri Nouwen Michael Higgins the official biographer of Nouwen and the presenter of the Canadian Broadcasting Company's radio series that commemorates his life, Higgins offers vital new inside information from Sue Mosteller (Nouwen's literary executrix); his brother, Laurent; Robert Ellsberg; Jean Vanier; friends; students; and colleagues.

  • Dream Language: Self-understanding Through Imagery and Color By Bod Hoss. Featuring a unique new dreamwork approach, plus original work on color in dreams, this book holds interest for professionals, students, plus anyone interested in dreams, self-help, or the psychological meaning of color. It offers a fast, easy method for relating dreams to waking life situations, which can be used in personal, professional and group dreamwork.

  • The Wisdom of Your Dreams A renowned expert on the subject of dreams, Jeremy Taylor has studied dreams and has worked with thousands of people both individually and in dream groups for more than forty years. His discoveries show us how dreams can be the keys to gaining insight into our past and our conflicts, as well as excursions into the fantastic realm of creative inspiration.

  • Life and Spirit in the Quantum Field By Doug Bennett. Spirit is real, feelings rule and other adventures in quantum life.

  • Negotiating The Inner Peace Treaty By Chelsea Wakefield. Becoming the Person You Were Born To Be.

  • Natural Spirituality: Recovering the Wisdom Tradition in Christianity Natural Spirituality moves Jungian dream work from the professional world of the analyst's office into the everyday world of the laity in the local church. The book offers serious Christians in every community an opportunity to embark upon the spiritual path of individuation. With clarity and simplicity Joyce Hudson puts into her reader's hands the tools for inner work that Carl Jung offered to Christianity.

  • Reimagining God and Religion By Jerry Wright.  Drawing on the insights of Jungian or analytical psychology, Dr. Wright offers depth psychological analysis of our contemporary religious and political dilemmas, as well as invites readers to be midwives for the emerging religious myth that many believe to be on our collective horizon -- a myth that will be more inclusive, intellectually and scientifically honest, and soul satisfying. 

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