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Release • Renew • Re-enter 
August 26-29, 2021

Radical Emergence of Soul

A Weekend Retreat of Reconnection & Renewal
as we move forward in an uncertain world.

In-person at Kanuga and all are Welcome!

A weekend of reconnection and renewal as we move forward in an uncertain world.

This retreat will not be Online!

This is not a training weekend, this is an invitation to gather and retreat at Kanuga. This retreat celebrates the discovery and co-creation of giving voice to the losses, isolation and grief we have experienced during the pandemic, and letting go of what is ready to be released. As we release, this gives space for the creative alchemal process in our spirit, and allows us to emerge with new focus and renewed energy.


- letting down the walls created by isolation, loss, fear, and fatigue



- sense of calm, peace, strength, resilience, creativity, endurance, community, kindness, and care for our fellow human beings 



- centered, grounded, present, strong, whole, energized, and becoming better versions of ourselves with a restored sense of spirit

We look forward to gathering with you!

Make sure to make our reservation at Kanuga as a guest or commuter.


At Kanuga & In-Person Only!
New Date Soon!

Retreat Fee $250
4pm Thursday through Sunday AM

Generous Porch Time

Isolation & Emerging tools

Dream Groups “covid dreams” 

Small Group Sharing

Authentic Movement

Creative Space 

Music, Poetry and Rituals

Healing & Embracing Exercises

Labyrinth Silent Walk

Programing provided by
Haden Institute &  The Turtle 


Bess Park

Sue DiVita

Nancy Huslage

Robert Haden


Contact Nancy Huslage with questions!

In the interest of protecting participants and staff all persons attending Haden events at Kanuga and Mt Carmel will be required to be fully vaccinated. Procedures concerning the wearing of masks will be determined at each event based on the most current information, so we will all need to be flexible.

Emergence of Soul Registration
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