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Group Dream Work Opportunities 

These opportunities are hosted and led by Haden staff within their own private practices.


Metaphor, Myth, Meaning, & Miracle:

      Beginning Jungian Dreamwork


This 4-session class will prepare you for a deep dive into personal or group dreamwork.   You’ll learn about the basics of the Jungian perspective… the structure of the psyche…the role of dreaming and dreamwork… the archetypal process of personal and collective individuation…and the innate spirituality in this transformational work.   Dream stories and embodied learning activities lock in the concepts.


Your practice includes learning how to remember and record your dreams for present and future insight.  You’ll interact with dreams to discover their meanings, and you’ll find ways to work, play, and pray with dreams to integrate their wisdom into your waking life.


You’ll need:  a copy of “A Field Guide to Dreaming” (download for free at and a few simple materials: journal (the same one you use for waking life),

crayons or colored pencils, inexpensive watercolors, tape, and scissors.


Dates and Times:  Choose either daytime or evening

Summer, Tuesday daytime: 12:30-2:00 EST : June 22 and 29, July 6 and 13

Summer, Tuesday evenings:  7:00-8:30 EST:  July 20 and 27,  August 3 and 10

Fee: $100 (Venmo: @FirebyNight    Paypal: Fire by Night Dreamwork)


Note: This course will be live on Zoom.  While you’re strongly encouraged to participate in real time, classes will be recorded for those who cannot attend in person.


For more information please contact Laura:


Bonus:  After you complete this class,  you’ll receive a 10% discount on your first package of group or personal dreamwork.