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Group Dream Work and other program Opportunities 

These opportunities are hosted and led by Haden staff within their own private practices.


Fire by Night’s   NEW YEAR'S RETREAT  with Laura Huff Hileman
        Epiphany Review of Dreams and Waking Life

WHAT - a 10-day, mostly self-paced retreat in which you review your dreams and waking life over a particular season of your choosing.

WHY - Because the Dreamgiver's perspective on your life story is wise, wild Wisdom.  It’s not your Ego's story!  When we take the long view, over time, to gaze at the interweaving of dreams and waking life, we begin to see a very different narrative appear.   It is usually more liberating, more merciful, more challenging, and more lifegiving than the story we tell ourselves.   Re-seeing is hard to do alone - so join us!

WHEN -January 1, 2, and 6,  2022.  Includes three group Zoom meetings and two individual Zoom meeting. 

- The day after Christmas, you'll receive a packet that will get you started.  You'll need time to gather dreams, journals, and things that help you track your waking-life situation during the time period you've chosen to work with (calendars, photos,  email or text message threads, news headlines, influential music, movies and books, health issues, etc.) 
- As a group, we'll begin with a 90-minute Zoom meeting the afternoon of Saturday, January 1.
- Sunday you begin the 4-day plunge, working on your own, reviewing your dreams and waking life records.  I give you specific assignments to structure your exploration and creative invitations to deepen your experience of your epiphanies.
-On Sunday you’ll have a short individual check-in with me, and we'll have a second Zoom meeting Sunday evening. 
- On Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday, you'll have a longer individual meeting with me as you work on your own.
- On Thursday the 6th - Epiphany - we’ll reconvene for the last portion of the retreat. This will be an Epiphany Feast of Stories, in which we share our new narratives and the profound questions that arise from them, and celebrate the presence of the Wise Ones in our lives.  2-3 hours. 

​COST - $100.
For more about the idea, see Laura's October newsletter at

To register or inquire, please contact Laura directly at  

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