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2021 Summer Dream & Spirituality Conference

Schedule & Resources

Conference Schedule (all times EDT)


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Green = downloadable handout

Sunday, May 30


Opening Session

Keynote: Sheri Kling - Wisdom Became Flesh: The Divine                                                               Feminine Hiding in the Gospel of John

Handout: Wisdom Became Flesh


Human Being: The Interweaving of Spirit and Matter -with- Kathleen Wiley

Handout: The Interweaving of Spirit and Matter

Where Dreams Come From: An Introduction to the Psyche -with- Karen Bonner

Handouts: Glossary

A Model of the Psyche


Masculine and Feminine Extremes


Give Your Dreams a Voice! -with- Bob Hoss

Handout: Give Your Dreams a Voice


Apocalyptic Dreams and Marian Apparitions -with- Larry Burk


Animating Your Dreams -with - Jeanne Schul


Dreaming on the Path to Healing -with- Susan DiVita & Robert Haden

Handout: Dream Healing


Feeling Like a Donkey? Healing from “Second Class” Experiences -with- Mary Ann Archer

Handout: Zeesha


Pilgrimage: Travel for the Soul -with- Linda McFadden, Philip Wiehe w/ guests

Handout: Iona & Ireland Pilgrimages



Monday, May 31

Keynote: Catherine Meeks - Walk a Mile in My Shoes: Building Bridges


Dream Divina: Contemplating Dream Images as Sacred Icons -with- Sheri Kling

Handout: Dream Divina


Faith & Doubt: A Love Story -with- Brian McLaren

Handout: Faith and Doubt


Intuition in Motion -with- Dina Delaney


Mandala, Music & Movement: Embracing the Sacred Feminine Through Creative Practice -with- Karen Campbell

Handout: Mandala, Movement & Music


Dream Story Telling -with- Laura Huff

Handouts: Dream Story Telling

Dream Journal Template



Jung, Kundalini and the Feminine Voice of Individuation -with- Anne Taylor


Brigid as Archetype of the Divine -with- Linda McFadden

Virtual book signing

Creative Space - Dream Journaling Unleashed

Keynote: Mirabai Starr – Fierce and Tender: Reclaiming the Wisdom of the Feminine


Tuesday, June 1

Keynote: Linda McFadden - The Return of the Goddess and the Age of Aquarius

Handout: Quotes


The Passion of the Mystics: A Contemplative Journey -with- Mirabai Starr


The Invention of Self Amid Oppression & Denigration -with- Catherine Meeks


Building a Deep Spirituality Through Nature -with- Greg Bahora


The Labyrinth of Love: Beyond Projection into Individuation into Connection  -with- Chelsea Wakefield

Handouts: Individuation in Connection

Relationship Road Map

6 Love Capacities



The Power of a Risen Christ(a) -with- Kyndall Rothaus


Dreams & EFT for Healing Lower Chakra Issues -with- Larry Burk


Resiliency, Trauma and Grief -with- Dianne Harper

Handout: Resiliency, Trauma & Grief

Creative Space - Goddess Triptychs and Art Trading Cards

Keynote: Brian McLaren - The Second Pandemic: Authoritarianism and Our Future

Handout: The Second Pandemic



Wednesday, June 2

Keynote: Diana McKendree - The Reawakening of Our Queen Archetype


America’s Five Electorates -with- Brian McLaren

Handout: Five Electorates


Human Being: The Interweaving of Spirit & Matter -with- Kathleen Wiley

Handout: Interweaving of Spirit & Matter


Simplify and Empower Dreamwork with DreamSynergyTM -with- Justina Lasley

Handouts: Exercises

Vocabulary of Emotions

DreamSynergy Method



Dreaming the World Anew: Video Prophecy and Waking Dreams -with- Howard Addison

Handout: Dreaming the World Anew

        An Invitation to Dream the World Anew - pdf

An Invitation to Dream the World Anew - ppt

For Men Only -with- Philip Wiehe & Kinlay Francis


Body, Bliss, and the Irrational:  Dance's Role -with- Jennie Wakefield

Creative Space - Archetypes, Alchemy and Astrology

Keynote: Pittman McGehee - The Wisdom of the Black Madonna

Keynote: Mirabai Starr - Wild Mercy: Women Mystics Across the Spiritual Spectrum


Thursday, June 3

Keynote: Brian McLaren - Authoritarianism as a Hack on Our Brains: Understanding Bias

Handout: Authoritarianism


The Feminine Wisdom of the Eucharist -with- Pittman McGehee


Where Do Dreams Live in the Body? An Artistic and Movement Approach to Embodied Dreamwork -with- Bess Park & Nancy Huslage

Handout: Process for Dream Incubation


This Beautiful Wound: The Mystics and Grief -with- Mirabai Starr


Recognizing Dream Guidance -with- Bob Hoss

Handout: Recognizing Dream Guidance


From Sacred Earth to High Heaven: Earth Mother to Mother Mary -with- Julie Lumpkin

Handout: From Sacred Earth to High Heaven ppt slides


Shifting Perspectives: A Mindful/Spiritual Approach to Photography -with- Martha Hoelzer

Handout: Shifting Perspectives


The Exile of the Goddess and the Unbalancing of Western Civilization -with- Linda McFadden

Creative Space - Altered Books

Keynote: Kathleen Wiley - Embodiment: Honoring the Divine Feminine

Handout: Embodiment

Closing Ritual

Keynote Speaker Websites 

Mirabai Starr

Brian McLaren

Catherine Meeks

Sheri Kling

Linda McFadden

Kathleen Wiley

Embodiment Practices Flyer

Pittman McGehee​

Diana McKendree

A note about recordings:
Thank you for your patience as we work to get the recordings processed and posted. There have been some unforseen software issues that have slowed the process down dramatically. Please continue to check back as new videos should begin to appear daily now. (June 21, 2021)
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