Spiritual Direction and Dream Work Training
in the Jungian Mystical ChristianTradition
The Haden Institute is a haven for seekers - those who have heard the call or felt the tug to go deeper in their understanding of God, themselves, and others.
Students come to the Haden Institute for a variety of reasons. Some want to expand on work they are already doing by adding skills in spiritual direction or dream work. Others come to learn more deeply about ideas and topics that they have been interested in for a while and now have time and opportunity to explore. Almost all come with a desire to learn how to have deeper conversations about inner life and meaning and mystery so that day-to-day living and existing relationships are more full and rich. 
With locations in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina and Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, these programs are well suited for clergy, therapists, health-care professionals, social workers, and anyone with an interest in spirituality or dream work.  Participants join us from all over the world, with a variety of religious and spiritual backgrounds, including Protestant, Catholic, and Jewish,  as well as some who are spiritual with no religious affiliation. This diversity of participants adds to the richness of the program, offering inclusivity, connection, and compassion.

Allen Proctor, Director Haden Institute

 “When asked if there is any hope for humankind, after World War II and in the midst of the Cold War, before anyone knew of climate change, the polarization of politics in the U.S, or the current threat of terrorism,Carl Jung would say, “It depends on how many people do their inner work.” I believe that inner work needs the spirituality component in order to keep the ego from hijacking the individuation process.”
— Joyce Rockwood Hudson, Faculty 
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